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Using Shortcuts App with Firewall
Using Shortcuts App with Firewall

Learn how to use Apple's Shortcuts with 1Blocker

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If you are an active Firewall user, this article might come in handy if you want to enable, disable, and pause it without launching the app.

Shortcuts App

The Shortcuts app is a default iOS app that allows users to create predefined actions and workflows and quickly access them on their devices from many places, such as Home Screen, Siri, Search, Widgets, or Share Sheet.

In Shortcuts, you can create and combine specific actions that can be triggered manually (shortcut) or by an event (automation).

1Blocker Shortcuts Actions

Our app offers three pre-installed shortcuts that you can customize in many ways. To find them, launch Shortcuts, find 1Blocker in the list of ready-to-use shortcuts, and tap See All. Alternatively, you can use the search bar at the top to find 1Blocker.

Pre-installed actions include: Turn On Firewall, Turn Off Firewall, and Pause Firewall for 5 minutes. Tapping any of them immediately triggers the corresponding task.

You can also press the (...) button within a shortcut and tap "Use in New Shortcut" to see all the available customization options for that shortcut.

The actions 1Blocker currently provides are the following:

  • Pause Firewall for 5 or 30 minutes

  • Set Firewall on or off

  • Toggle Firewall

They can be used to create simple shortcuts just for 1Blocker, or you can combine them with actions from other apps in more complex workflows in the Automations section of Shortcuts.

For example, you can set a shortcut to turn off Firewall automatically when you launch an app or join a Wi-Fi network.

Supported iOS versions: 1Blocker shortcuts require at least iOS/iPadOS 16.

More on shortcuts and automations on our Help Center:

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