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How to use shortcut automations to respond to system events
How to use shortcut automations to respond to system events

Learn how to adjust Firewall to your everyday actions via Shortcuts

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This article explains how to use Apple's Shortcuts app to enable, disable or pause 1Blocker's Firewall depending on such actions as launching an app, connecting to a Wi-Fi network, etc. In other words, with an automation shortcut, you can make Firewall automatically perform actions that normally require launching 1Blocker.

Shortcuts is a default iOS app, so most probably, it's already installed on your iOS or iPadOS device, but you can also download it from the App Store anytime.

More information about Apple's Shortcuts: Using Shortcuts App with Firewall

How to create a new automation:

  1. Launch the Shortcuts app and Tap Automation at the bottom

    • If you already have automations, in the Automation pane, tap + in the upper-right corner.

  2. Tap Create Personal Automation.

  3. Choose a trigger, such as App or Wi-Fi.

  4. Configure the available conditions, and tap Next.

  5. Tap Add Action, then find 1Blocker in the list of apps.

  6. Choose a quick action:

    • Pause Firewall

    • Set Firewall

  7. Customize the parameter:

    • Pause for 5 or 30 minutes

    • Turn Off or On

    • Toggle

  8. Tap Next to see the summary of your automation.

  9. Optionally disable Ask Before Running at the bottom.

  10. Tap Done.

So, to sum up: thanks to this powerful tool, you can let 1Blocker know when to pause, disable or enable Firewall depending on what you do whenever you need.

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