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How to create custom shortcuts for Firewall
How to create custom shortcuts for Firewall

Learn how to control Firewall without launching 1Blocker

Updated over a week ago

Firewall is a tool offered by 1Blocker that can take your protection to the next level by blocking trackers in all apps you run on your mobile device.

However, some apps rely on trackers so much that they just stop working correctly if they fail to run a tracker. In such cases, you may consider disabling Firewall temporarily to restore the app's functionality.

Gladly, you can do it without launching Firewall by creating a shortcut in the iOS Shortcuts app and adding it to your Home Screen or activating it via Siri.

Since it's a default iOS app, most probably, it's already installed on your mobile device, but you can also download it from the App Store anytime.

More information about Apple's Shortcuts: Using Shortcuts App with Firewall

How to create a new shortcut:

  1. Launch the Shortcuts app

  2. Open the 'All Shortcuts' section

  3. Tap + at the upper-right corner

  4. Tap 'Add Action'

  5. Find 1Blocker in the list of apps

  6. Choose from the available actions:

    • Pause Firewall

    • Set Firewall

  7. Customize the parameter:

    • Pause for 5 or 30 minutes

    • Turn Off or On

    • Toggle

  8. Tap (i) at the bottom to add the shortcut to Home Screen or Share Sheet

  9. Tap Done

Tapping the shortcut now will immediately trigger the corresponding task.

By the way, the shortcut will also appear in Siri, Search, and Widgets.

You can create as many quick actions as you want to pause, enable or disable Firewall whenever you need.

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