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How 1Blocker protects you
How 1Blocker protects you
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This article gives an overview of the tools we use in 1Blocker to improve your browsing experience and protect your privacy online. We can break down the app's functionality into three categories that you can manage separately to adjust 1Blocker to your needs.

Safari content blocker

It's a content blocker that works in Safari and removes ads, cookie banners, different kinds of annoyances, and trackers from websites you visit there. Only Safari currently supports it because Apple's browser provides the native tools that filter content securely and efficiently.

It’s the primary protection mechanism that provides core features of 1Blocker.

Technology used: Safari content blocker extensions.

Available on iOS & macOS.

How to enable: Quick setup

1Blocker Scripts

Also, we provide a web extension called 1Blocker Scripts. It serves as an advanced content filter in Safari. We use it to remove hard-to-block ads and annoyances that can’t be covered by the default content blocking tool, such as YouTube video ads.

Technology used: Safari web extension.

Available on iOS & macOS.

More information here: 1Blocker Scripts


Finally, there is an in-app tracker blocker called Firewall. It protects your privacy and sensitive data by blocking in-app trackers system-wide. Firewall operates right on your device via a local VPN profile that allows it to stop harmful app requests. It sometimes blocks ads in the apps you use, especially if they rely on trackers, but its main purpose is to prevent trackers from collecting your data.

Technology used: local VPN profile.

Available only on iOS.

More information here: Firewall

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