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Our team keeps working on making 1Blocker the only content-blocking tool you need on your device, and this article describes one of the advanced features called 1Blocker Scripts.

Unlike native Safari content-blocking extensions, it's a web extension that allows us to apply advanced blocking rules and features that the default Safari tools don't provide, such as YouTube ad-blocking.

1Blocker Scripts requires more permissions than regular content blockers due to how the extension works, so Safari may ask you for these permissions upon enabling it. It's worth mentioning that even though Safari admits that the extension can access personal information, it doesn't mean that the tool actually does this. The extension is optional, and its only purpose is to perform advanced content blocking by using additional scripts. We use it only for content blocking without accessing your personal information.

Also, you can always adjust the list of allowed sites in the Safari settings depending on the features you need from 1Blocker Scripts. However, we recommend enabling 1Blocker Scripts on all websites because we will expand its functionality to lots of sites in the future, and it may become hard to keep track of all the necessary permissions at some point.

In the latest version of the app, 1Blocker Scripts can do the following:

  • Remove YouTube video ads on iOS & macOS: Link

  • Redirect AMP pages on iOS: Link

  • Remove Twitter ads and cookie notices on iOS & macOS

More features will be announced in the upcoming releases.


- iOS 15+ and 1Blocker 5.0 or newer

- Mac 10.15.6+ and 1Blocker 4.0 or newer

Since 1Blocker Scripts is a web extension, all the blocking is done in Safari only.

How to enable 1Blocker Scripts:

On iOS:

  1. Go to iOS Settings > Safari > Extensions

  2. Locate 1Blocker Scripts in the list of Safari extensions

  3. Turn 1Blocker Scripts on

  4. Make sure that the extension is allowed on all websites

Alternatively, you can manage the extension right from Safari:

1) Launch Safari and open any website

2) Tap the 'aA' button on the left side of the address bar

3) Go to Manage Extensions

4) Turn 1Blocker Scripts on

On iPadOS, there's a separate puzzle icon that manages web extensions right from the Safari address bar. So, the Manage Extensions section is located here on iPads.

On macOS:

  1. Launch Safari

  2. Go to Safari > Settings...(shortcut: CMD+,) > Extensions

  3. Enable 1Blocker Scripts

  4. Make sure that the extension is allowed on all websites

Once the extension is enabled, you can manage its permissions from Safari > Settings > Websites > Extensions > 1Blocker Scripts.

If you come across any difficulties while using 1Blocker Scripts, please check this tutorial to make sure that everything is configured correctly: Troubleshooting

We are open to your feedback and questions, so feel free to reach out anytime.

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