First of all, 1Blocker Scripts is available starting from 1Blocker 5.0 on iOS and 1Blocker 4.0 on macOS, and it requires permission to run on the website you are browsing. You can give it in iOS Settings > Safari > Extensions on mobile devices, and in Safari > Settings > Websites > [Extensions] on desktop.

Also, please, make sure that you are running iOS 15+ or macOS 10.15.6+.

To check if the extension is running on iOS, please, tap the 'aA' button on the left side of the Safari address bar. The 1Blocker Scripts icon under Manage Extensions should be highlighted in blue.

On macOS and iPadOS, the extension's icon will show up in the Safari toolbar when you activate it, and it should also be highlighted in blue.

By the way, the extension will still work as usual as long as it's enabled in Safari settings. If you find the icon distracting, feel free to remove it. To do so, just right-click the icon, go to Customize Toolbar, and remove the icon from the toolbar.

If ads show up on the first load after enabling 1Blocker Scripts, it's worth refreshing the page to make Safari reconfigure the tool. However, if everything seems to be set correctly, but the ads persist, please, contact support via the app or our email: [email protected]

We are open to your feedback and questions, so feel free to reach out anytime.

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