Once 1Blocker is installed, it's worth configuring its core features, and this article explains how to do it.

Also, before proceeding to these steps, we’d recommend checking out the following article to get better acquainted with the tools we use: How 1Blocker protects you

Enable content blocking in Safari


Go to iOS Settings > Safari > Extensions (under "General").

There will be eight 1Blocker switches that correspond to specific blocking categories of the app. We recommend enabling all of them in your device's Settings and managing specific categories in the 1Blocker app.


In the Safari browser, go to Safari > Settings > Extensions to turn on 1Blocker extensions.

Now it's worth checking whether these categories are enabled in the app itself.

You just need to open the 1Blocker app and turn on the content blocking categories you are interested in. Most of them are in the General tab of the app, but you might also want to enable a couple of regional categories as well.

The setup could be the following: Block Ads on Sites + Block Web Trackers + Block Annoyances + Block Widgets.

Important: the free version of 1Blocker allows using one blocking category at the same time, while multiple blocking categories require 1Blocker Premium.

Try Premium for free: Free trial tutorial

Go Premium: 1Blocker Premium

Additional setup

1Blocker Scripts - block advanced ads in Safari, including YouTube video ads


- Go to iOS Settings > Safari > Extensions

- Scroll down to the bottom

- Turn 1Blocker Scripts on

- Make sure that the extension is allowed on all websites

Alternatively, you can manage the extension right from Safari:

- Launch Safari and open any website

- Tap the 'aA' button on the left side of the address bar

- Go to Manage Extensions

- Turn 1Blocker Scripts on


- Launch Safari

- Go to Safari > Settings...(shortcut: CMD+,) > Extensions

- Enable 1Blocker Scripts

- Make sure that the extension is allowed on all websites

More information here: 1Blocker Scripts

Firewall - block in-app trackers system-wide

(Requires 1Blocker Premium)


- Open 1Blocker

- Go to the Firewall tab

- Scroll down to the bottom and tap Install Configuration

- Allow 1Blocker to install its VPN profile

More information here: Firewall

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