1Blocker Scripts is a new 1Blocker extension available in the app on iOS and macOS devices, and it lets you block ads on YouTube in Safari more effectively. It uses additional tools that differ from the content blocking technology used by the rest of 1Blocker's extensions.


    1Blocker Scripts is available starting from 1Blocker 5.0 on iOS and 1Blocker 4.0 on macOS, and you can find it in the 'Extensions' section of Safari if you are running iOS 15+ or macOS 10.15.6+

    The new tool requires additional permissions that Safari requests when you activate 1Blocker Scripts. We put your trust and privacy before anything else and use the new extension only to perform advanced content blocking in Safari. Even though 1Blocker Scripts requires these permissions, we will never use them against our users. If you have any doubts, we are always open to your feedback and questions. Also, the extension is optional, and you can disable it at any moment.

How to enable 1Blocker Scripts:

On iOS:

1) Go to iOS Settings > Safari > Extensions

2) Scroll down to the bottom

3) Turn 1Blocker Scripts on

4) Make sure that the extension is allowed on all websites

Alternatively, you can manage the extension right from Safari:

1) Launch Safari and open any website

2) Tap the 'aA' button on the left side of the address bar

3) Go to Manage Extensions

4) Turn 1Blocker Scripts on

On iPadOS, there's a separate puzzle icon that manages web extensions right from the Safari address bar. So, the Manage Extensions section is located here on iPads.

On macOS:

1) Launch Safari

2) Go to Safari > Preferences...(CMD+,) > Extensions

3) Enable 1Blocker Scripts

4) Make sure that the extension is allowed on all websites

Once the extension is enabled, you can manage its permissions from Safari > Preferences > Websites > Extensions > 1Blocker Scripts.


    To check if the extension is running on iOS, please, tap the 'aA' button on the left side of the Safari address bar. The 1Blocker Scripts icon under Manage Extensions should be highlighted in blue.

    On macOS and iPadOS, the extension's icon will show up in the Safari toolbar when you activate it, and it should also be highlighted in blue.

    By the way, the extension will still work as usual as long as it's enabled in Safari Preferences. If you find the icon distracting, feel free to remove it. To do so, just right-click the icon, go to Customize Toolbar, and remove the icon from the toolbar.

    If YouTube ads show up on loading the page for the first time, it's worth reloading it to make Safari reconfigure the tool. However, if everything seems to be set correctly, but the ads persist, please, feel free to report it to us!