Our app supports Family Sharing starting from 1Blocker 3.14. It works natively on both iOS and Mac platforms and lets you share access to 1Blocker with up to five other family members.

To make it available on macOS, we had to re-submit the app to the Mac App Store, so you may find our Mac Migration Guide useful if you purchased 1Blocker Premium through our Mac app or if you want to access Family Sharing on your Mac.

How to enable Family Sharing

It's essential to download the app to your family members' devices according to this tutorial: Family Sharing Guide
In other words, it must be downloaded from the list of purchases shown in the Purchased section of your family member's App Store account.

You may also need to turn on the switch responsible for Family Sharing in the settings of your 1Blocker subscription (not required if you have a Lifetime license). Tapping on your subscription will bring you to the "Edit Subscription" screen, where you’ll see a "Share with Family" switch. Please, make sure that it is enabled. If the switch is not there, it might mean that you either have 1Blocker's Lifetime or "Share New Subscriptions" is enabled at the top of the list of your Apple subscriptions.

If everything is configured correctly, the app will sync your purchase status to your family members' devices and unlock the same feature currently available to you. The app may delay syncing the purchase, and in this case, it's worth tapping the "Restore Purchase" button from the app's Premium screen. You can find it right below the subscription conditions on the left side of the screen.