Why we had to re-release our Mac app

When Apple enabled Family Sharing for apps with subscriptions some time ago, it soon became clear that the current Mac app couldn't adopt it due to several App Store constraints. For instance, Family Sharing is tied to the app bundle ID. This means that the ID of 1Blocker for iOS and Mac must be the same, which wasn't the case. So the only way to enable Family Sharing on all our apps was to release a separate Mac app.


What the new Mac app adds to 1Blocker

It enables Family Sharing and Universal Purchase support for 1Blocker across both iOS and macOS platforms. Apple's Family Sharing feature provides the possibility to share access to apps with your family members, while Universal Purchase allows us to distribute 1Blocker as a single purchase natively. In other words, once purchased, 1Blocker will be tied to your Apple ID. As a result, it will become available on all iOS and Mac devices associated with your Apple ID as well as on the devices of all members of your Apple family group.


Is the new Mac app free for you?

Besides Family Sharing & Universal Purchase support, the new app is a copy of the old one. 

So, if you already have an active 1Blocker subscription or Lifetime license, you don't need to pay again. You will only need to download the new app from a new App Store page.

All the features and conditions available to you remain the same. The only step most of our Mac customers need to take to enjoy Family Sharing & Universal Purchase across all platforms is to download the new Mac app, and you are all set. It will sync your current subscriber status and automatically unlock the features you paid for.

Get the updated Mac app that supports Family Sharing and Universal Purchase.
Download it via this link: Mac App Store


How to migrate to the new Mac app

When you re-download the new Mac app, the process of sharing 1Blocker with your family will go seamlessly for most of you, and Family Sharing will become available automatically. However, some of our customers will need to contact us to get access to Family Sharing, depending on how the app was purchased.

We strived to make the process as smooth as possible for everybody, but certain technical limitations require us to re-configure how the app works for some users.

We've reviewed all possible situations, so only the following users will need to message us after downloading the new Mac app:

  • If 1Blocker Premium was initially purchased via the old Mac app, please, download the new app from the Mac App Store and contact us for support via any feedback forms available in the app. 
  • In all other cases, Family Sharing is supposed to become available on both iOS and Mac platforms (the new Mac app) automatically. 

Also, feel free to review the "Troubleshooting" section of this article for useful tips on how to check the platform you purchased 1Blocker from.


What do to with the old Mac app

Since the new Mac app is a copy of the old one, except it supports Family Sharing & Universal Purchase, the old app becomes obsolete and won’t receive new feature updates. Eventually, we will remove the old Mac app from the Mac App Store.

Before installing the new Mac app, please, keep the old one just in case. After making sure that the new app recognizes you and you can share all our products with your family, you can delete the old app from your Mac by following the steps from this tutorial: How to uninstall the app

However, if 1Blocker doesn't recognize you or there are any difficulties, please reach out to us for support anytime. We will be happy to assist!



- One of the most important steps while setting up Family Sharing is to make sure that it is enabled on your account as per Apple's help documentation: Share Apple Purchases with Family Sharing

- You can check whether you activated the subscription via iOS or macOS by reviewing the list of your Apple subscriptions. The Mac app has a round icon.

- To check if you purchased the Lifetime license via 1Blocker for Mac, please, locate it in your Purchase History. The round icon stands for the Mac app.

- Also, you are always welcome to ask us to look into it. Just submit a message via any feedback forms available within our app. 

- You may need to use the "Restore Purchase" button available on our app's Premium page after installing 1Blocker on your family member's device. This will force the app to request the purchase status from the App Store. The button can be found right below the subscription conditions on the left side of the screen.