Here you can find a list of known issues related to content blocking on frequently visited websites. If you have a site to report, please browse the open issues list before submitting a new report. To keep you up to date, we will provide a brief description and the current state of each issue. We hope it will be enough, but if you have additional feedback or want to check on the progress, feel free to reach out to us directly.

An important side-note: 1Blocker relies on native tools delivered by the Safari development team, making it a highly secure, fast, and efficient content blocker. We take the native approach because we always put your privacy first. However, maintaining a high privacy level imposes some limitations on 1Blocker. If the functionality required to fix an issue is not available in the tools we use, the only thing we can do is submit a feature request to Apple, hoping that it will be added in the future. We really appreciate your support and understanding. 


Description: Google introduced a new ad format, which may cause some issues while using YouTube with a content blocker enabled. It doesn't affect all the users, but ads may still sneak through until we have a proper solution. Also, if you are getting any error messages while playing videos, please, make sure that you are running the latest 1Blocker version and try clearing YouTube's data in Safari.

State: Apple's tool that handles content blocking on the browser's end can't block such ads at the moment. We are aware of the situation, and if there are any updates, we will do our best to resolve this issue. Please, stay tuned.