1Blocker consists of more than 120K filter rules that affect different parts of websites. In most cases, blocking rules work as expected, removing disturbing content without any side effects. However, some websites may start showing unexpected behavior while trying to manage blocked components.

If you've noticed that a website behaves in an unusual way, please, make sure it is 1Blocker breaking the page:

  • turn off other content blockers;
  • check that the website works correctly if loaded without 1Blocker.

If you are sure that it is our app affecting the page, please report this issue to us, so we can test it on our end and start working on a fix if confirmed.

Here's how to report any issues or share your feedback:

  • using the "Report" section available in 1Blocker Safari extension (preferred); 
  • using the "Send Feedback" button which you can find in the Settings tab or 1Blocker Safari extension;
  • via our email - support@1blocker.com;
  • via our Twitter.

Please, opt for built-in report and feedback buttons, if possible. It's the fastest and most convenient way of reporting sites because such messages automatically include page URL, device, and 1Blocker version.

What information should be included?

Please, consider including the following information in your report:

  • describe as detailed as possible the steps to reproduce the issue;
  • include the link to the page you have issues with;
  • feel free to attach any screenshots showing what's wrong with the web page;

Some critical issues can make a website unusable. In this case, consider reloading it without content blockers (Quick Access to Content Blockers in Safari) or temporarily whitelisting it (Allowing Selected Sites) while waiting for the fix.