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Introducing 1Blocker
Introducing 1Blocker
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1Blocker is an independent content blocker developed by a small team of enthusiasts. We work hard to build a top-class app that relies on Apple's native tools and thousands of filter rules to block unwanted content in Safari. We protect you online and help you be focused on important things.

Core features:

  • More than 120 000 built-in rules with a total capacity of up to 400 000 rules

  • System-wide firewall protection from in-app trackers on iOS

  • Always keep blocking filters up-to-date automatically

  • Subscribe once to use 1Blocker on all your iOS+macOS devices

  • Instantly sync rules and settings across all your devices

  • Hide visual elements without leaving Safari

  • Customize your browsing by completely or partially allowing websites you visit

  • Create custom rules and groups of rules at your choice

  • Target sites and web elements using advanced filters (regex/CSS)

We use native blocking tools developed by Apple to improve efficiency and save battery life.

Most other extensions block content by filtering elements of the already downloaded page. When you launch 1Blocker, it tells Safari what should be blocked in advance. This approach enhances the loading speed of websites and makes the battery work longer.

We don't have (and don't want to have) access to your personal information.

1Blocker is not a VPN or proxy server, it can't see what web pages you visit and doesn't expose your privacy. The content blocking tools that we use sync filter lists with Safari so that Safari can handle blocking without further help. Moreover, we don't ask to sign up and don't even have any pieces of analytics code.

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